Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Student/Athlete: Brook Frost

School: Ladysmith High school

Sports: Softball and volleyball

Awards/Accolades: volleyball- senior letter

softball- all conference (11) most improved infielder (11) varsity letter (11)

Biggest influence on your athletic/school career: My biggest influence on my athletic career would have to have been my mom driving me back and forth to tournaments and games and coming outside to hit grounders at me and spike balls down at me

What’s the one thing that you have taken away from being a student/.athlete? One thing that I have taken away would be responsibility, in order to be a student athlete you have to be able to manage both sports and grades and to know which one needs more of your attention.

Looking back, what advice would give to all the future athletes that have aspirations of being great athletes? My advice would be to go to every open gym you can make it to and push yourself to be your best, go to every practice and treat it like its a game, push hard and don’t give up on the sport that you love playing

What advice do you have for next year’s seniors? my advice would be to just enjoy it while it lasts, I know that you’re counting the days to graduation and to be free of school and start the new chapter of your life but just slow down you will make it there just enjoy the present and the people that are around you that you might not see and have fun

What do you hope to be remembered for? I hope to be remembered for my hard work into everything that I do like sports, school, and my job

What are your biggest/best moments or memories of your playing career? My best memories from playing was making new friends and trusting them on and off the field/court because without them I wouldn’t have had that moment when I got my all conference award from softball this past year and that made me cry because of all the hard work that all of us had put in all season.

Plans for after high school? After high school I will be attending UWEC to work on getting a major in kinesiology with an emphasis on athletic training.

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