Student/Athlete Name: Halle Anderson

School: Bruce High School

Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball


Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4

Varsity Letter 2, 3, 4

Junior Year - Second Team All Conference, Most Valuable Defensive Player

Senior Year - Team Captain, First Team All Conference, Most Valuable Player, Most Valuable Offensive Player, Most Valuable Defensive Player, 4 Years of Dedication Award

Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4

Varsity Letter 1, 2, 3, 4

Freshman Year - Most Improved

Junior Year - Team Captain, All-Area Basketball Team, First Team All Conference, Lead Rebounder

Senior Year - Team Captain, Second Team All Conference

Softball 1, 2, 3, 4

Varsity Letter 2, 3

Sophomore Year - Most Improved

Junior Year - Lead Hitter

Biggest influence on your athletic/school career? The biggest influence on my athletic career has been my family. Their continued support and advice challenge me to work harder and be the best I can be. My siblings push me and their sports careers influence me to become even better, as well. Their advice for ways to improve my performance is always appreciated.

What’s the one thing that you have taken away from being a student/.  

athlete? Being a three-sport athlete and maintaining a 4.0 grade point average has taught me the importance of working well with others toward a common goal, whether that be on the court or in the classroom. I have also learned that keeping a positive attitude throughout life’s experiences plays a large part on the outcome of the game or success in life.

* Looking back, what advice would you give to all the future athletes that have aspirations of being great athletes? I would tell all future athletes that hard work pays off and patience and perseverance are invaluable. From my own experiences, I would also encourage underclassmen to spend time observing the upperclassmen’s skills and techniques to learn all you can from them.

What advice do you have for next year’s seniors? The advice I have for next year’s seniors is to be good role models for underclassmen. They look to the seniors not only for athletic advice, but as a teammate and person. Be kind and encourage them in their athletics and academics. I would also encourage them to treasure the experiences of their last games. The seasons seem go by so much faster than in previous years, so make the most of it.

What do you hope to be remembered for? I hope to be remembered as not only a solid athlete, but also as a good teammate. I want people to remember that I kept my chin up and had a positive attitude on the court. My hope is that younger athletes will look to me as a positive team member who encouraged them to do their best.

What are your biggest/best moments or memories of your playing

career? Some of my best memories come from the simple things that happened during games. For example, any time I got a kill in volleyball is definitely a good memory for me. I have two memories, however, that stand out from the rest. In my junior year of softball, while playing first base, the ball was thrown short and into the dirt. I had to secure the catch to get my opponent out. I managed to scoop it up just in the nick of time! It was a huge play of the game and my entire team was cheering all around me. Another great memory was my senior year of basketball while playing our last conference match in Winter. We were significantly ahead and I was given the opportunity to shoot a three pointer. Because I am a post player with little experience shooting outside shots, I had the fear of embarrassment if I were to miss, in fact, I had never taken a three point shot in my high school career. Then, toward the end of the game, it happened! I received a pass and pulled up at the top of the key and it banked in! My grandpa tells me that he has never seen me jump in celebration as high as I did after I made that shot. The whole team cheered and congratulated me. I can now proudly say that I am 100% from the three point line for my entire high school career!

What will you miss most about competing as an athlete in high  

school?  Being a competitive athlete at Bruce has been an invaluable, fun experience, and I will miss simply playing the game. I genuinely enjoy playing sports and being part of a team. I love the thrill and excitement before a big game and getting pumped with my teammates with music blaring and excitement building. I will also miss my teammates that I have shared countless memories with, on and off the court.

Plans for after high school? I am very excited to start the next stage of my life. I have been accepted and will be attending the University of Minnesota Duluth to earn my bachelor’s degree in biology. At UMD, I will study hard, get good grades, meet new people, and be active in all that I can. My hope and anticipation is that the lessons I have learned at Bruce High School in athletics and academics will continue to guide me as I start my next chapter. I am excited to begin working towards my goal of becoming a dentist, orthodontist, or physician, and returning to serve and give back to my community all it has given to me.

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