Local pheasant hunt set of Oct. 20

The Wildlife Restoration Association will again sponsor a Pheasant Hunt on Flambeau Mining Company lands three miles south of Ladysmith.  These are private lands, but the hunting area portion is contained within the area west of State Road 27 for one mile, and between County Road P and Hansen Road.

    Rooster Ring-Necked Pheasants will be released to coincide with the Wisconsin Pheasant opener on 9AM Saturday October 20, 2018.  Only roosters are legal to shoot, with the limit one per/day/hunter for the first weekend and two per day until the hunt closes on November 11th.  Other periodic releases will be made throughout the month season.

- There has been some reproduction on the property and hunters are cautioned to not shoot hens and report their numbers.

- All persons on the property during those four weeks must wear some blaze orange.

- No vehicles are allowed outside of the parking areas, except for WRA authorized release and construction vehicles.

- No entry into the corn or soybean fields within the hunting area is permitted and those areas should be considered refuges.

- Hunters must have a Wisconsin Pheasant Stamp and a Small Game license.

- All users should consider becoming a WRA member and attending the spring fund-raising banquets to allow for the continued funding of the hunt.

- The area is not public land and hunters must obey all conditions, treat the property with respect and enjoy the opportunity the Flambeau Mining Company has permitted you to have.

    More information is available at Buchholz’ Feed Store in Ladysmith and many other businesses, Gas Stations and Information Centers throughout the area.

Work on the area has been ongoing for the last three years by WRA and the Environmental Challenge program and is still the progress of converting the former brushed-in abandoned-farmed areas into a year-round recreational area when it is finally completed.  After November 11th the machinery will again start to work on the area and predatory control by trapping and other methods will take place.

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