Tridents Compete at Sectionals – Send Four to State.

Tridents Compete at Sectionals – Send Four to State.


The Trident Swim and Dive team competed at the WIAA Sectional Meet this past week with Diving on Friday night in Ladysmith and Swimming on Saturday afternoon in Medford.  On Friday, the Ladysmith Pool hosted 9 divers from the Tomahawk, Menomonie, Rice Lake, Colby/Abbotsford and Trident teams.  Senior Kitara Fye from the Tridents dove well finishing the night with a score of 254.65 in her 11 dives.  “Kitara did great tonight and gave it her all.  Having started this sport just three years ago, and with no gymnastics background, she has come such a long way and improved dramatically.  She has mentored several of our younger swimmers in diving and has been an excellent co-captain this year.  Kitara has a very bright future, and her presence and leadership around the pool will be sorely missed next year,” head coach Matt Bunton Stated.

The swimmers took to the pool on Saturday.  The Sectional was divided into two groups with half of the teams swimming in Rhinelander and the other half in Medford.  The meet opened with the 200 Medley Relay with Madeline Bunton leading off with a 50 backstroke clocking in at 28.84 seconds (a new team record.)  Mya Baselt was next in the pool in the Breaststroke coming in at 34.69 seconds (a personal best time.)  Olivia Bunton completed the Butterfly leg in 28.96 seconds (also a personal best time.)  Finally, Brooke Lechleitner swam her 50 Freestyle leg and posted a time of just 24.41 seconds (also a new team record.)  The final time 1:56.90 seconds dropping nearly 4 seconds from their previously best time.  Madeline Bunton and Mya Baselt were up next in the 200 Freestyle.  Maddy set another team record in this race with a time of 1:59.88.  Mya also improved setting a new personal best of 2:11.23.  In the 200 Indvidual Medley, Federica Santori, Olivia Bunton and Madelyn Kempen finished in season best times of 2:28.19, 2:28.30 and 2:36.75 respectively.  The 50 Freestyle featured Brooke Lechleitner setting a new team record with her time of 24.87 seconds.  Sadie Heath also posted a personal best time of 29.09 seconds in this event.  The 100 yard Butterfly saw Federica Santori and Olivia Bunton back in the pool posting personal best times of 1.06.01 and 1:07.79.  Brooke and Sadie were up on the starting blocks next swimming the 100 Freestyle.  Both of the girls posted personal best times of 55.05 and 1:03.72.  In the 500 Freestyle Madeline Bunton and Sanaa Trott competed finishing in 5:25.03 and 6:29.07.  Maddy bested her team record and earned Sectional Champion honors in this event.  In the 4 x 50 relay, the team of Sadie Heath, Sanaa Trott, Madilyn Kempen and Federica Santori finished with a time of 1:56.02 all swimming personal bests in this race.  The 100 Backstroke featured Sanaa Trott and Kitara Fye coming in with time of 1:15.55 and 1:16.70; a personal best for Kitara.  Mya Baselt and Madilyn Kempen were back in the pool for the 100 Breastroke coming in at 1:18.36 and 1:18.00; a new personal best for Madilyn.  Finally, the relay team of Brooke Lechleitner, Olivia Bunton, Mya Baselt and Madeline Bunton competed in the 4 x 100 Freestyle.  Brooke led out with a time of 54.91 seconds.  Olivia was next with a time of 1:00.05 followed by Mya’s 1:01.42 and finished up with Maddy’s time of 55:31.  All three girls swam personal best times in this race and dropped nearly nine seconds in this event.  


At the end of the night, Brooke Lechleitner, Olivia Bunton, Mya Baselt and Madeline Bunton earned a trip to the WIAA Division 2 State Meet set for Friday, November 13th.  Brooke will compete in the 50 and 100 Freestyle events where she is seeded third and 7th respectively.  Madeline will compete in the 200 and 500 Freestyle where she is seeded 5th in both events.  Olivia and Mya will compete with Brooke and Maddy in both the 200 Medley Relay and 4x100 Freestyle Relay where the girls are seeded 14th and seventh.  “Overall, I am very happy with how our entire team performed last night and today.  We had nearly 100% personal bests in all of the races and set several new team records.  The girls all raced with confidence and a lot of heart and I’m very proud of their effort and perseverance this season.  We are very excited for our four state qualifiers too.  The girls poured everything they had into those relays today and were met with success.  Olivia, Mya, Brooke and Maddy have been swimming together since they were just grade-schoolers on our FAST swim team and to know that Olivia and Mya get to finish their High School swim careers at the State Meet is very rewarding.  We are all just very happy for these two Seniors,” coach Bunton concluded.  

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