Jills finish week 1-1, celebrate Jayme Closs return in Barron

The Ladysmth girl’s basketball team was putting on the miles last week as they traveled to Cumberland and Barron last week in Heart O’ North Conference play.

On Tuesday, the Jills were in Cumberland to take on the Beavers, who the Jills defeated earlier in the season at home. Tuesday was no different as the Jills controlled Cumberland from start to finish as they defeated the Beavers 49-19.

Emma Dieckman led the way last Tuesday night with 14 points and five rebounds. Brittney Wiles finished the night with 10 points and seven rebounds, while Kyle Becker had eight points and six rebounds.

On Thursday night the Jills were in Barron to take on the Bears, who they defeated earlier in the year in an overtime thriller in Ladysmith. The last time the Jills and Bears met the conference was showing their support for the return of Barron’s Jayme Closs, and Thursday night would be the answer everyone had been waiting for as they stopped the game to announce the Jayme had been located alive and was safe in the custody of police. At the moment when the announcement was made, the Jills gathered around Closs family member and team mate, Rian Engelhardt to celebrate as much of the Closs family was in attendance Thursday in Barron.

As for the Jills, the night, which Barron was celebrating the safe return of one of their own, the home team took advantage of a tough shooting night by the Jills and made the celebration bigger with a 32-17 win over the Jills. “In the big picture, the safe return of Jayme was a win for everyone in the community, the school and especially all of the Closs family. Wins and losses come and go, but to be there in that moment, with that emotion is something I will never forget. I know this community has been through a lot in the last 87 days and for the announcement to be made was special. It just shows what hope, prayer and the tireless work of everyone involved can do. I am especially happy for the Closs family, which I know very well. This is the answer they have been waiting for. I can assure you that our basketball program is behind you and is here to support Rian and all of your family as you begin to move forward,” stated head coach Brad Cody.

Emily Egle went on to lead the Jills Thursday night with 10 points as Dieckman finished with eight.

The Jills return home next Monday as they host the Phillips Loggers in non-conference action, starting at 7:15 p.m.

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