Chieftains ready to roll for 21-22 season

Chieftains ready to roll for 21-22 season

The Lake Holcombe boy’s basketball will have to replace some big names from a year ago as they will be led by head coach Joy Webster, entering her sixth season as head coach.

The Chieftains, who were 11-11 overall a season ago and 8-4 in East Lakeland Conference play will look to Nate Jones, Colton Minnick and Dylan Bowen to lead the way as big minute players from a season ago. Coach Webster is also looking to Max Sauerwein, Brandon Anders, Sam Ewer and Harley Schroeder to add solid minutes to the floor for the Chieftains this season, “We lost some big scorers a year ago in Brock Flater and Kaden Crank, but I am hoping for a new set of seniors to make an impact and we will be able to compete every game,’ coach Webster pointed out.

This year’s Chieftains will be made up of freshman Trent Lee and Ryley Craker. One sophomore this season for the Chieftains is Taye Yeager. Juniors are Max Sauerwein and Harley Schroeder. Seniors are Colton Minnick Nate Jones, Brendan Anders, Dylan Bowen and Same Ewer for the varsity squad.

The Chieftain junior varsity consists of freshman Nathan Paavola, Daevyn Gilbertson, Kaleb Willmarth, Owen Mebbaugh and Chase Burgess. Sophomores are Trent Nitek, Jesse Wright and Zayden Merril as well as junior Abram Wininger.

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