Flambeau Archery Team competes well in competition

Flambeau Archery Team competes well in competition


The Flambeau Falcon Archery Club recenlty competed in Cadott’s annual bulls-eye tournament.  Front left to right is Nick Bruce, Peyton Trindal, Asher Ralph, Ronnie Fischer, and Channing Nitek.  Back row left to right is Evan Oelkers, Julia Oelkers, Laura Ludvigsen, Asia Trindal, Brady Polak, and Christian Polak. The top Flambeau Archers were Julia Oelkers shooting a 267 with 9 bulls eyes (22 out of 67 high school girls.   Christian Polak shooting a 245 getting him 22nd out of 47 middle school boys, Laura Ludvigsen shooting a 233 getting her 28th of 45 middle school girls. Asher Ralph shooting a 232 getting him 5th out of 19 elementary boys.

The Falcon Archery team competed in Stratford last weekend.  This was the best shoot of the year with three of the five shooting their personal bests and the other two archers nearing their personal best.  Julia Oelkers ended her regular season career with a 276, 11 points over her best score.  Brody Miller and Noah Oelkers also shot their personal bests last Friday.

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