Jacks 50 year wait for team state comes true in West Salem

Jacks 50 year wait for team state comes true in West Salem


The Ladysmith Boys Cross Country team’s trip to the Division Three State Meet in West Salem on Saturday, October 31st, will be a meet the boys will never forget as all seven boys saved their best race of the season for the State Meet. They all looked strong and ran great races for the entire 5K race, and there was no doubt at the finish line that they all gave it everything they had. When the scores were figured at the conclusion of the meet, the Ladysmith boys finished as the 11th best Division Three team in the State for the 2020 season.

Out of the 113 runners in Saturday’s field it was Blake Prince finishing in 53 at 18:17 to lead the way for the Jacks as Ethan Stewart came in at 18:33 to finish 64 out of 113.

Eli Rogers finished in 68th place with a time of 18:42, Pete West was 75th with a time of 18:49, Jack West finished in 84th place with a time of 19:04, Bishop Peterson was 98th with a time of 19:46 and Mitchell Lehman was 110th with a time of 20:27. “Entering this meet, these boys knew that there was a good chance that they could run their best races of the season and still finish last as a team. They acknowledged this fact early in the week and used it as motivation. They also set some other team goals to try to accomplish in this meet. In working to accomplish these other team goals (most of which are listed above in the highlights), they ended up exceeding their own expectations for this meet. This is still a relatively young team. All seven runners will be back next season. This season they laid a strong foundation to continue to build upon next season. On behalf of the boys and our coaches, I would like to show my appreciation to everyone for their well-wishes, congratulations, and words of encouragement going into Saturday’s meet. Also, a huge shout out to all of our parents and fans for your support throughout the season.” stated head coach, Jacob Ebner. 

Notable points from Saturday’s state meet for the Jacks were:

* Entering this meet that out of the 12 teams who qualified, they were probably the 12th ranked team. However, the Lumberjack runners used that as motivation and ended up beating one team to finish 11th overall.

* The Lumberjacks were one of only two teams to not have any seniors on our roster.

*THe Lumberjacks had their first five scoring runners finish before seven of the other 11 teams.

* The Jacks had the second lowest time differential between their first and fifth scoring runners. * The Jacks differential was :46.3, which was only nine-tenths of a second slower than the best.

* Even though this course was about 40-50 seconds slower than the Lumberjack’s Sectional Course, none of the seven runners ran 40-50 seconds slower. All of them were much faster than that.

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