Senior Spotlight: Kimberly Riegel

Student/Athlete Name: Kimberly Riegel

School: Flambeau High School

Sports: Volleyball (4 years) track and field (2 years) basketball (1 year)

Awards/Accolades: (throughout all 4 years of HS) (volleyball)- 2 best serving% plaques, 1 most dogs plaque 1 MVP award, 1 honorable mention lettered, pinned, barred 2nd place tournament medal (track and field)- honorable mention, lettered, pinned, flambeau womens team 2nd place in conference medal 1 6th place long jump ribbon, 1 6th place 100 meter dash ribbon, 2 3rd place 400 meter relay ribbons, 1 2nd place 400 meter relay ribbon

* Biggest influence on your athletic/school career: Mom

* What’s the one thing that you have taken away from being a student/

   athlete? Never stop working hard, there’s always room for improvement

* Looking back, what advice would you give to all the future athletes that have aspirations of being great athletes? Never let anyone tell you what kind of athlete you are, or what you can and can not do, with hard work and determination you can reach your goals and become the athlete you want to be.

* What advice do you have for next year’s seniors? Never take it for granted, cherish every moment you have on that court with your teammates and remember to have fun.

* What do you hope to be remembered for? Helping out the underclassmen and being a leader on and off the court.

* What are your biggest/best moments or memories of your playing

   career? Learning how to set slides so my middles could kill it!

* What will you miss most about competing as an athlete in high  

   school? My teammates

* Plans for after high school? Attending UWEC next fall to major in criminal justice

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