Call-in phone numbers for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources County Deer Advisory Council meetings have changed. The Rusk County CDAC meeting will be held virtually at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 15.
The new phone number to participate in the county's CDAC event is: Call-in Number: 888-291-0079; Passcode: 8666-436.
Every three years, County Deer Advisory Council’s (CDACs) provide recommendations to the DNR that help determine the herd size objective (increase, decrease, maintain) for their county. The fall of 2020 marks the end of the last three-year cycle and meetings are being held this winter to determine the herd size objectives for the next three years (2021-2023). Councils develop their recommendations using two meetings separated by a public input period to provide transparency and multiple opportunities for public input. The DNR will also discuss a review of deer management unit and zone boundaries as part of this process. Here are the upcoming steps and ways you can get involved:
1. December 7 – 18, 2020 – Preliminary objective setting
Councils will meet via teleconference to review deer herd metrics and harvest data from the last three years and to provide a preliminary recommendation on the herd size objective for the next three years. The DNR will also share preliminary recommendations on deer management unit and zone boundaries. You can find out when meetings will be held for each county and how to listen in by visiting the CDAC Find page.
2. January 4 – 13, 2021 – Public comment period
Opportunity will be provided for members of the public to comment on the preliminary council recommendations on herd size objectives and preliminary DNR recommendations on deer management unit and zone boundaries.
3. January 19 – 25, 2021– Final objective setting
Councils will meet via teleconference again to review the public comments on the preliminary recommendations and formulate a final recommendation. Meeting dates and call-in options for these meetings will be provided soon.
4. February 24, 2021– Natural Resources Board meeting:
Final recommendations will be presented to the DNR Natural Resources Board.
Each county in Wisconsin has a County Deer Advisory Council (CDAC) to provide input and recommendations to the department on deer management within their county. Councils work with local department staff to schedule meetings, provide community outreach and an opportunity for public input, review population data and deer impacts on forests and agriculture, develop 3-year recommendations on county population objectives and create annual antlerless harvest quotas.

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