Mardi Gras   Run/Walk 5K Results

Mardi Gras 

Run/Walk 5K Results


Grace Pearson21:00

Terry Willoughby21:21

Justin Rittgers21:28

Nathan Kromrey21:51

Jodi Meinke23:00

Chris Poradish23:40

Rachel Sovacool23:41

Chandler Roemer23:42

Ashton Gwiazda25:56

Jessica Bingham26:23

Nic Schroeder29:30

Hope Burke29:40

Rachel Rands29:55

Sophia Becker29:56

Mark Chew Hin Choo30:13

Ann Tucker33:28

Amber Ahrens35:30

Kayla Hoiby35:30

Donna Mahun36:28

Brian Tucker39:18

Annette Leduc41:49

Jessica Miller45:00

Michell Van Doorn45:11

Laura Stunkel45:11

Rhonda Siefert45:15

Tiffany Noel45:20

Rachel Moser45:20

Rachel Rosolowski45:20

Ann Slowiak45:20

Tori Busse50:00

Cathy Busse50:00

Jennifer Kopacz50:00

Top Female Run Results

Grace Pearson - 1st

Justine Rittger - 2nd

Jodi Meinke - 3rd

Top Male Run Results

Nathan Kromrey - 1st

Chris Poradish - 2nd

Ashton Gwiazda - 3rd

Top Walker

Donna Mahun - 1st




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