Hayshakers close out busy week with victory

Hayshakers close out busy week with victory

The Tony Hayshakers were plenty busy last week as they took on the Haugen Hornetson Wednesday and Saturday, before closing out the week against the Stansbury/Old Hayshakers Sunday afternoon in Tony.

On Wednesday, the Hayshakers were on the road as they took on the Haugen Hornets in the first of a two game series that saw the Hayshakers strike first in the third inning with three runs to take a short lived lead that was lost in the bottom of the third as the Hornets answered back with four runs to take a 4-3 lead that the added one run to in the fourth and fifth innings. Even with six runs scored, it was the Hayshaker’s four run fifth inning that gave them a 7-6 lead that was once again short lived as the Hornets scored one run in the sixth and two runs in the bottom of the seventh to take 9-7 lead.

The Hayshakers did all they could to come back as they put one run up in the top of the eighth, but it was the Harnets scoring three more runs in the bottom of the eighth to pad their lead at 12-8 as they held the Hayshakers scoreless in the top of the ninth to go on to the victory at home.

Kevin Brockman had the hot hand at the plate for the Hayshakers as he finished the day 3 for 4, with one RBI. Nate Roach finished 2 for 2 with two RBIs, Tru Dupee was 2 for 4 with one RBI and Bryce Meverden also brought in two runs for the Hayshakers in the their four run loss on the road.

On Saturday, the Hayshakers returned home as they hosted the Hornets in Tony and it was a game that saw the Hayshakers take a 3-1 lead all the way to the ninth inning where they dropped a heartbreaker to the Hornets as Haugen scored three runs in the top of the inning as they held off the otherwise hot Hayshaker bats to take a 4-3 victory away from the hometown Hayshakers.

Ben Kopacz led the Hayshakers as he finished the day 2 for 4 at the plate as Jon Nelson and Meverden had the only RBIs on the day in the one run loss at home.

On Sunday, the Hayshakers closed out their busy week in what was a game that saw some old familiar faces as they took on the Stansbury Giants that fielded Dan Kopacz, Karl Kopacz, Greg Kopacz, Kyle Quinnell and Scott Mateski who once dawned the Hayshaker uniform as they took the field to take on the new look Hayshakers.

Stansbury got on the board first in the top of the second inning with one run, but the Hayshakers answered big in the bottom of the inning with eight runs and never looked back as they went on to take the 11-6 victory in what was a game that saw several smiles, a few laughs, some interesting chatter and definitely some familiar fire that Hayshaker fans have grown custom to see over the years as players young and old left it on the field Sunday in front of a large crowd in Tony.

Hunter Gustafson led the way for Tony with three hits, one home run and five RBIs as Ethan Martin finished the day 4 for 5 and one RBI. Spencer Draghi, Tru Dupee, Chase Groothousen, Scottie Mateski and Nate Roach all drove in one run each in the Hayshaker victory. “It is always fun when we get the opportunity to play against former Hayshakers. It is fun and important as the new players get to see that even after all the years, the former Hayshakers have a fire and passion for the game of baseball and our program. Dan, Karl, Greg, Kyla and my father, Scott are all fun to play with and as you watch the game they took time to pass on wisdom and advice to our players as they remind them what and who they play for. It is important to them to see the tradition carried on and that is always my favorite thing to see as they take the field. In the end, we want to get that win so we can get the bragging rights for the year as well, as I know if it goes the other way, we may never hear the end of it,” stated Hayshaker manager, Scottie Mateski.

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