Ladysmith runs well close to home

Ladysmith runs well close to home

The Ladysmith cross country team didn’t have far to travel last week as they competed at Flambeau last Tuesday night before hosting their own meet at home on Thursday.

It was almost a clean sweep Tuesday night for the Ladysmith teams as the high school boys and girl’s teams both took home team championships as the middle school boys captured first and the girls took home second place.

For the high school girls it was Kylee Becker (2), Rachel Sovacool (4), Hope Burki (5), Brittney Wiles (8) and Payton Wold (9) finishing as the top five Jills as Pete West (1st), Ethan Stewart (2), Jack West (3), Eli Rogers (4) and Blake Prince (5) finished as the top five Jacks. Zach Kostka finished in eighth place for the Jacks as well.

Grace Pearson (1st), Sirianna Basham (7th) and Kelsey Millin (9th) were the top finishers for the middle school girls team as Gavin Stewart (1st), Timmy Meltz (2nd), Dane Prohaska (3rd), Carter Soltis (6th), Isaiah Basham (7th) and Jaxen Donohue (9th) were the top finishers for the boys. “At the end of last week it was obvious in practice that we were starting to transition to our second training phase of the season, which is “increasing speed.” Our practice interval times were starting to be much faster and easier. We had previously spent the first five weeks of the season focusing solely on endurance, and now we are looking at maintaining that endurance while adding speed. Tonight it was nice to see some of that speed start to transfer over from practice and into the meets. I was proud of the effort and positive attitudes that I saw out of our runners tonight. We have two meets this week and tonight’s weather was wet and cool. Our runners had a lot of chances to make excuses, but they didn’t. They went out and performed their very best and many of them had their most successful meet of the season so far,” stated head coach Jacob Ebner.

On Thursday, Ladysmith hosted a 12 team invitational meet as the varsity boys claimed third and the girls captured fourth place. Kylee Becker (8), Rachel Sovacool (14), Hope Burki (24), Brittney Wiles and Kamia Silva were the top finishers for the Jills. Ethan Stewart (7), Pete West (12), Eli Rogers (13), Jack West (15) and Blake Prince (20) were the top finishing Jacks.

For the middle school girls it was Grace Pearson finishing second and for the boys it was Gavin Stewart (3rd, Timmy Meltz (6th), Dane Prohaska (7th), Carter Soltis and Isaiah Basham rounding out the top finishers. “For the second meet in a row the weather was cool and wet and the course was wet and muddy, but there wasn’t a complaint to be heard about the weather or course conditions from the Ladysmith Cross Country team. Our kids embrace these conditions and look to use it as an advantage. Even though this was our home meet, we did not sacrifice our training this week to prepare specifically for this meet. Our athletes performed extremely well two days earlier at their meet at Flambeau and still hadn’t fully recovered to perform at 100% of what they are capable of at this point of the season. Even though many runners had times and/or places that they know could have been better, I know that each runner gave it everything that they had tonight as you could see the exhaustion on their faces as they cross the finish line. I was very proud of the effort they displayed tonight. We had a lot of parents and volunteers help with the meet tonight. On behalf of the team, thank you for helping us make this meet a success,” coach Ebner concluded.

Ladysmith runners are now preparing for the conference meet on Oct. 15 as they travel to Hayward.

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