Senior Spotlight: Faith Meltz

Name: Faith Meltz

School: Ladysmith

Sports: Volleyball, basketball, track & field

Awards: school records for most assists in a volleyball season and career, 1st team all conference in volleyball, rookie of the year in volleyball, regional and sectional champ in the 4x800 meter relay, and all conference in the 4x400 and 4x800 meter relays

Biggest influence on your athletic/school career? My biggest influence is my mom, she showed me how to work hard and put my best effort into all I do.

What’s the one thing that you have taken away from being a student/ athlete? From competing in high school sports I have taken away that it isn’t about the record but the memories and connections you make with your friends and teammates.

Looking back, what advice would give to all the future athletes that

have aspirations of being great athletes? Always work hard in all you do and put in the extra work outside of practice and you’ll succeed.

What advice do you have for next year’s seniors? Never take what you have for granted, it all goes so much faster than you think.

What do you hope to be remembered for? I hope to be remembered for my work ethic and willingness to do whatever was asked of me.

What are your biggest/best moments or memories of your playing career? My biggest memory is running the 4x800 meter relay at the state track meet.

What will you miss most about competing as an athlete in high school? The thing I will miss the most is all the memories I made with my friends throughout a season, whether it was during practice, a game, or before a game.

Plans after high school: After high school I plan to attend Viterbo University to obtain a degree in nursing.

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