Kylee Becker signs Letter of Intent

Kylee Becker signs Letter of Intent

Kylee Becker signed a National Letter of Intent on November 11th to compete for the Warriors of Winona State University as family and coaches were in attendance at the Ladysmith High School gymnasium.

Becker’s plans are to compete in the Hurdles, sprints, and horizontal jumps as a member of the Warriors Track and Field program next year as a freshman.

Becker’s acomplishments in track include:

·2018 Heart O’ North Conference Meet: Second in the 300m LH, 3rd in the 100m HH, and 5th in the 200m and TJ.

·2018 WIAA State Meet: D2 in 2018 - 10th in 300m LH,

·2019 Heart O’ North Conference Meet: Champion in the 100m HH and 300m LH, 2nd in the TJ, and 3rd in the   LJ.

·2019 WIAA State Meet: D3 in 2019 - Silver Medal winner in the 300m LH, 4th in the 100m HH, and 13th in  the TJ.

 ·2020 Heart O’ North Conference Meet and 2020 WIAA State Meet: were canceled last year due to COVID-19.

Kylee is currently a senior at Ladysmith, where she is coached by head coach, Jacob Ebner and jumps coach Bailey Nass. Becker is the daughter of Craig and Carrie of Ladysmith.


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