Senior Spotlight: Ren Nees

Name: Ren Nees

School: Ladysmith

Sports: Football, Basketball, Track

Awards/Accolades: Ultimate Teammate, Homecoming King 2020, Scored a touchdown against Grantsburg, qualifying for state in track. LadysmithNews/Marshfield Clinic Overcoming Adversity Award Finalist.


Biggest influence on your athletic/school career: Family, Friends, Teammates, coaches and teachers


What’s the one thing that you have taken away from being a student/.athlete? “Ren has grown and matured in so many ways and I truly believe that sports shaped him into the young man that he is today. Ren has learned to never give up, be the biggest supporter, and find his role on any team he is on,” stated by coach Bailey Naas


Looking back, what advice would give to all the future athletes that have aspirations of being great athletes? To find your role on whatever team you are on. Work hard and do what is asked of you. Not everyone is going to be a star, but everyone can be a great teammate.


What do you hope to be remembered for? Being a positive role model, hard worker, great teammate and a Lumberjack everyone can be proud of. 


What are your biggest/best moments or memories of your playing career? Being crowned Homecoming King, scoring a touchdown in football, being an alternate for the state track meet and senior night in basketball.


Quotes from coaches & teachers: “Ren is the Poster Child for “Ultimate Teammate.”  In sports there are winners and there are losers in every contest, but in life if you can be called a great teammate, you have accomplished the ultimate compliment.  Ren does not care about his own trophies, ribbons or medals.  He plays the games with passion and for his teammates.  He has been an AWESOME player to have on our football team” coach Steve Alberson.


“You will not find a student athlete around with more pride for his school and classmates. He does our pledge and announcements every morning. He loves all sports and participates in everything he can. He was our homecoming king this year and he was oh proud to be our king,” Mrs. Laurie Keeble


“Ren is an inspiration to others.  He is genuinely kind and caring about everyone he encounters, not just teammates.  His happy demeanor radiates from him and is infectious.  He works hard to be the best teammate he can be and there is never a doubt that will give 100% in practice or in games.  The touchdown he scored against Grantsburg was one of the coolest events I have ever been a part of as a coach. His face after he scored is something I will never forget.  Even today when he tells the story of his touchdown, his excitement is amazing.  He truly loves Ladysmith athletics and being a part of a team.  Its been an honor to coach such a great young man!” coach Kirk Yudes

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