Guidelines for Marshfield Clinic trainers follow at sporting events

Guidelines for Marshfield Clinic trainers follow at sporting events


In preparation for returning to athletic training room services and sports coverage at MCHS contracted schools, it is essential to emphasize that measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of all MCHS Sports Medicine staff to the best current receommendations. These guidelines are to help ensure the safety of team physicians and athletic training staff when providing care to student-athletes while training, at practice and/or in competition. The goal is to continue to provide high quality health care to all student-athletes in a safe environment, and to provide you the PPE and direction to keep you and your families safe and healthy. This is a TEAM effort. No perfect guideline exists and that the current medical pandemic recommendations continue to evolve and change as additional information is received. 

The physical and mental health of student-athletes and their coaching staff must be a priority as preparations are being made for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Due to the current requirement of 6 feet for social distancing, student-trainers may not be allowed. The decision to allow for high school student-trainers will need approval by the school Athletic Director and Principal.


*Be knowledgeable as to the CDC, state, county, and local health care Covid-19 guidelines. Your school may have student-athletes from multiple counties with different guidelines.  You may be asked to assist in educating coaches and student-athletes in regards to best practice guidelines for the school and its facilities.  


*Anticipate that WIAA may also be providing guidelines for use of weight rooms, gyms, outdoor facilities and sport-specific guidelines.  Athletic Directors should be able to provide you such information when it becomes available. Communicate with the Athletic Director as to frequency and responsibility of sanitization of the training room.

MCHS does have guidelines available as to no open storage of paper items such as educational brochures, business cards, etc… MCHS guidelines also exist as to disinfectant required after each use of exam/training table.


*Work with your respective school(s) nurse or other health care provider regarding above guidelines and established school guidelines.


*Show patience and adaptability as there may exist much variability. Anticipate that return to sports will be performed in phases and will vary by regions and presence of disease. Schools may seek your advice in regards to best practice guidelines; please refer to above agencies for assistance or contact medical director.


*When inside a school facility, you MUST follow school hygiene guidelines which may include: answering Covid screening questions, temperature screening, wearing of mask (cloth or surgical), recording of time and location when present in school building.


*If you are doing temperature checks and screening questions, you must wear MCHS approved eye protection which includes: goggle, face shield, or for those who wear glasses, protective side shields.  Refer to MCHS Covid PPE guidelines for additional information.  PPE should be obtained through your PPE officer.

Consider (with school approval) creating a document to allow for training room appointments for evaluations and treatments.  Name and time athlete is present in training room may need to be recorded and 6 feet distancing between athletes will be required.


*You must wash with your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds before contact with a student-athlete and after contact with any student-athlete or contact with any equipment, towels, etc… If soap and water is not available, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.  Cover your hand and digits with the gel and rub till dry, usually about 20 seconds. (CDC website reference)


*For outdoor practices, sport coverage you MUST follow sport-specific guidelines.  Six feet distancing will be required at practices. Hand sanitization must be performed after contact with any student-athlete or sport equipment.  Masks may be required. Athletes will be required to have their own water bottles. 


Sport rules have not been established but it is anticipated that medical personnel will be allowed with the team on the playing surface and the social distancing space will be defined.


*School team transportation may be limited; thus, travel policies with personal vehicle will need to be discussed.


Remember that perception is reality.  Social distancing, medical hygiene, and sanitization of common areas is being closely scrutinized. You represent MCHS and are health care professionals.  You MUST follow the MCHS Covid-19 guidelines.  Remember, any time you are in a MCHS facility you must be without any Covid-19 symptoms, have no fever, and you MUST wear a facial mask (cloth masks are acceptable).  If wearing a cloth mask, be sure it is of a solid color or have no advertising logo.


We are a TEAM and I am seeking your input, recognizing that each school may have variable guidelines.  Be adaptable and continue to share your creative thinking!

Anticipate further direction from your Athletic Directors when they receive information from WIAA. 

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