Finalist set for Scholar-Athlete Banquet

Finalist set for Scholar-Athlete Banquet

The Marshfield Clinic- Ladysmith Center finalist have been set for the second annual Scholar-Athlete Banquet. All finalist and parents have been contacted to attend this year’s event, which will take place on Wednesday, June 5 at the Tee Away. Every qualified scholar-athlete, team and coach will be acknowledged at the awards banquet to celebrate this past years accomplishments in the classroom and on the field of competition from the four local school in our area. Schools represented at this year’s banquet are Ladysmith, Bruce, Flambeau and Lake Holcombe.  For any questions please contact Johnathan Ekhoff at

This years finalist are:

Male Athlete of year: Ladysmith’s Caden Dupee, Fambeau’s Ethan Martin, Kevin Brockman and Connor Checkalski from Bruce.

Female Athlete of year: Kylee Becker and Delaney Herbes from Ladysmith

Male Comeback Athlete of the year:  Lake Holcombe’s Kaden Kinney

Female Comeback Athlete of the year: Ladysmith’s Erica Loe and Megan Lechleitner of Lake Holcombe.

Male Breakthrough Athlete of the Year:  Ladysmith’s Wade Stanger and Peyton Rogers. Lake Holcombe’s Brock Flater.

Female Breakthrough Athlete of the Year: Ladysmith’s Brittney Wiles and Allison Golat-Hattamer and Brooke Lechleitner of Lake Holcombe

Male and Female Commitment to Excellence: Ladysmith’s Jake Palumbo, Connor Berg, Caden Dupee , Delaney Herbes, Cassidy Stanger, Samantha Burroughs, Trent Vollendorf, Kezleigh Vacho and Hannah Riegel. Kevin Brockman and Connor Checkalski from Bruce. Ethan Martin, Alex Brost, Zach Kopacz, Brittny Mateski from Flambeau. Orianna Lebal  and Luke Geist from Lake Holcombe.

Team of the Year: Ladysmith Volleyball Team

Coach of the Year: Jacob Ebner, representing Ladysmith Cross Country and Track.

Assistant Coach of the Year: Jason Jaenke and Bethany Meltz of Ladysmith

Overcoming Adversity: Ladysith’s Kylee Millin.

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