Area students take the Environmental Challenge

Area students take the Environmental Challenge


The 2021 Environmental Challenge classes from Bruce, Flambeau and Ladysmith are learning a lot about maintaining and protecting local environment again this summer as the WRA sponsored summer school class has been helping to maintain and better our local waterways, parks and boat landings.

For the past two weeks the three schools have been working hard under the guidance of WRA president, Jerry Carow along with teachers Jason Lehman of Bruce, and Brian Groothousen of Ladysmith and Todd Roehl of Flambeau to maintain and upkeep a few of our popular local WRA projects and local waterways to help keep it environmentally friendly as well as usable for those that look to visit, fish, boat, swim or use for recreational use.

During the past two weeks the classes have focused on several parks, boat landings, take your kid fishing areas and waterways in Rusk Co. 

Members of the school crews were Kaedyn Kopelke, Dalton Bratanich, Sydney Bratanich, Gabe Nichols, Kevin Ross and Lindsey Kauffman of Flambeau. The Ladysmith crew consists of   The Bruce crew members were Trace Thome, Levi Nyhagen, Spencer Hautamaki, Vicky McCullick, Jacob Stevens and Alex Stone. Ladysmith crew members were Charlie Zimmer, Elias Mikunda, Andrew Lehman, Charles Strong, Shelby Rozak, Heather Nelson and Mitchell Lehman. 

This year the program was helped led by WRA volunteers who gave up their time to come help each crew in each of the projects they took part in. Members who volunteered were Ben Campbell, Marshall Robinson, Walt Poradish, Bob Devoe, Steve Jansen, Larry Armstrong, Marv Schneider, Jim Benish, Mike Begley, Scott Thronson and Don Ohlfs.

Students have worked to build new bridges, steps, drop fish habitat and better the take your kid fishing areas on the Trail’s End, Sam Johnson’s Field, Dairyland Reservoir, Pulaski Lake, Mud Lake, Fireside Lake, Black Berry Boat Landing, Pioneer Park, Leonhard’s fishing area, .

This year’s Environmental Challenge classes have made great improvements as well as helped keep our local WRA Funded projects, fisheries and recreational spots here in Rusk Co. better, cleaner and more enjoyable place to go as the summer month continue to shine for those looking to partake in one of the best places to enjoy all summer’s recreational wonders on the in Rusk County.

The classes have also helped brush, weed eat and set new landing signs at Pioneer Park, Leonhard’s Landing, Fireside Lake, Mud Lake for members of our community and tourists so they will have beautiful places to take their families now and for years to come.

These are just a few of the projects the Environmental Challenge students have been working on this past summer as this is the first of two articles that will feature the projects that have been taken on, sponsored by the WRA as they continue to partner with local school districts to not only teach students more about the environment but also teach them strong work ethics as they help to better the local habitat and increase the already rich outdoor activities for current and future users throughout Rusk County.

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