Senior Spotlight: Mya Baselt

Name: Mya Baselt

School: Flambeau High School

Sports: Swimming and Softball

Awards/Accolades: Swimming and Diving 7th and 14th at state 2020

Swimming and Diving conference honorable mention 2019 and 2020

F.A.S.T. club swimming record holder in the 400 IM(meters) and 800 freestyle(meters)

F.A.S.T. club swimming pentathlon high point winner

F.A.S.T. club swimming 3-time qualifier for Midwest Regional Swim meet in 8 events each year   (2020 and 2021 cancelled due to COVID-19)

Softball Conference Champions 2018

Biggest influence on your athletic/school career: My parents have had the biggest impact on both my athletic and academic career. When I don’t think I can do something, they are cheering me on and pushing me to be the best I can while also being supportive of everything I do.

What’s the one thing that you have taken away from being a student/.athlete? Hard-work pays off. Whether it’s studying for a test or training hard all season, you will see the results in the end and this pushes me to give 110% at everything I do.

Looking back, what advice would give to all the future athletes that have aspirations of being great athletes? This goes for anyone who is an athlete, whether you are new to sports or are a star athlete, HAVE FUN! Make the most of every practice, meet, game, and moment with your team. If you are not having fun, you’re not getting the full athlete experience. So, have fun and make as many memories as you can!

What do you hope to be remembered for? I hope to be remembered as a great leader who took pride in being an athlete. I may not be the best swimmer or pitcher ever, but I know I put my best effort forward at each practice and meet/game. I would rather be remembered as someone who had fun and uplifted others instead of the star athlete, and I believe that I have left a positive mark on both the Trident Swim Team and Flambeau Softball.

What are your biggest/best moments or memories of your playing career? Every moment playing softball and swimming have been memorable but there are a couple that stand out amongst the rest. The bus rides home from softball games are always memorable especially when Scott decided to eat 40 chicken nuggets and get “Nug Burn.” Any time drop makes a great memory but the best ones are when I got so excited I punched Mr. Bunton or essentially hug-tackled him. Besides competing at state, my favorite memory is when Mr. Bunton slipped on the pool deck at conference in front of everyone. We never let him live it down and it makes for a good laugh.

Plans for after high school. After high school, I will be attending UW-Stevens Point to double major in chemical engineering and paper science along with swimming for the Pointers. I am very excited and thankful to have a bright academic and athletic career ahead of myself.

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