Ladysmith XC competes at Timm’s Hill

Ladysmith XC competes at Timm’s Hill

The Ladysmith Cross Country teams competed at Timm’s Hill on Thursday, August 29th in a meet hosted by Prentice. This was a very competitive meet with some of the strongest schools from north Central Wisconsin in attendance. The course that the runners competed on was a true cross country course as they went up and down lots of hills on paths that contain roots and rocks, all while ascending to the highest point in Wisconsin.

On the girls’ side it was the Jills finishing sixth as the top five runners for the Jills were ners on Each Team

HS Girls - Kylee Becker, Rachel Sovacool, Brittney Wiles, Hope Burki and Kamia Silva.

Becker went on to run 35 seconds faster already this season as she placed eleventh and Sovacool was 3:44 faster already than last year for the Jills.

On the boy’s side, the Jacks also finished in sixth place as the top five runners were Jack West, Ethan Stewart, Pete West, Blake Prince and Eli Rogers.West was the top finisher in 22nd place. Kostks started off strong for the 2019 season with a time 2:03 faster than last season and Prince was 1:32 faster than a year ago.

In middle school action the Jills went on to a third place finish as the top five runners were Grace Pearson placing third, Kelsey Millin in 16th place, Sirianna Basham, Lily Donohue and Shelby Smith.

The Jacks finished in fourth place as the top five finishers were Timmy Meltz finishing fifth, Gavin Stewart in seventh, Dane Prohaska in eighth, Jaxen Donohue and Carter Soltis.

Highlights for the middle school were Dane Prohaska picking up his 1500 win and Jaxen Donohue earning his 1000 win in Prentice for their middle school careers. “We had 37 Ladysmith runners compete at the Prentice meet. Only 12 of these runners ran in the same race this year at this meet as they did last year. The other 25 runners are either new to Ladysmith Cross Country or competed as middle schoolers last year. Eleven of the 12 runners who competed in the same race at this meet last year ran faster times this year, which is a very good start to the season already for our Jacks and Jill runners,’ stated coach Jacob Ebner.

Ladysmith will be back in action this Thursday as they head to Spooner as racing action is set to start at 4:30 p.m.

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